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Berg and Schubert



Berg and Schubert


20 January 2021
30 January 2021

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The first bicentennial event of the 1821-2021 Initiative abroad takes place in London in collaboration with the London Symphony Orchestra. The concert is supported by the National Bank, which participates, together with the 15 most important public benefit institutions of the country, in the 1821-2021 Initiative. The orchestra is conducted by Sir Simon Rattle with soloist Leonidas Kavakos. The programme includes Berg’s Violin Concerto and Schubert’s Symphony No. 9, “The Great Symphony”. The performers describe these works as “music from the heart” as well as a “swing from deep sadness to infinite joy”. The concert will begin with the symphonic performance of the Greek national anthem, in honour of Greece and the anniversary of the revolution, as well as British philhellenism. This event was filmed in the church of St. Luke, with all the protective measures imposed due to the pandemic. ERT, the communication sponsor of the 1821-2021 Initiative, will broadcast the concert on the world’s first television broadcast as part of a special show, on Saturday, 30 January, at 18.30 (ERT2). Foreword by Alexis Kostalas.

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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