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The mountains and the seas that lie between us



The mountains and the seas that lie between us


15-22 October 2021

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The Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation brings you the newest addition to its Moments at the Museum series of events with a special stage reading of the romantic relationship between Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first political leader of contemporary Greece, and Roxandra Sturdza, the Greek-Moldavian lady-in-waiting to the Russian tzarina. The stage reading is based on the book “Ioannis Kapodistrias– Roxandra Sturdza: Unfulfilled Love” by Eleni E. Koukou, professor at the University of Athens. Drawing information from the book, the first to trace this story of love, the play takes on a life of its own to reveal the compelling correspondence of the two protagonists. Loose paper leaves and notes from Sturdza’s memoirs figure prominently in the development of the play. The correspondence includes countless letters between the nobleman and the noblewoman that follow the political, diplomatic and war developments of their time. Their letters unfurl the painful details of their passion along the intricate demands of the tsar’s Court and Kapodistrias’ career; a resounding passion kept in silence, doomed to remain unfulfilled.

(Edited description from Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation website)

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