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The idea of Greece



The idea of Greece


24 December 2020-25 March 2021


The Idea of Greece is a seven-part podcast exploring the Greek Revolution of 1821. This podcast is produced by the Hellenic Heritage Foundation’s award-winning History Committee and hosted by Journalist Georgia Balogiannis. Professor Sakis Gekas, the HHF Chair in Modern Greek History at York University in Toronto, also participates in most of the shows. The series is also under the auspices of the Greece 2021 Committee. Sponsored by Agape Greek Radio. Original music by Demetri Petsalakis.

This is not the history you learned in Greek school!

Episode One: The origins of the revolution. Journalist Georgia Balogiannis and Professor Sakis Gekas explore what the area, now known as Greece, looked like before the revolution and the conditions which led Greeks to revolt against the Ottoman Empire in 1821.

Episode Two: Not One War. Journalist Georgia Balogiannis and Sakis Gekas look at the various groups which took arms during the Greek Revolution of 1821, to examine what was in it for them?

Episode Three: The brutality of war. Georgia Balogiannis and HHF History Committee historian Terry Gitersos look at the violence that permeated the Greek Revolutionary War of 1821. It went far beyond simple warfare, where vengeance, massacres and slavery were the price to be paid by fighters and civilians alike.

Episode Four: The heroes of the revolution. Georgia Balogiannis and Sakis Gekas go beyond the larger-than-life narratives of the Greek Revolution’s heroes to look at who they really were. Also, what exactly makes a hero in the first place?

Episode Five: Women of the revolution. Georgia Balogiannis and Sakis Gekas delve into the feminine side of the Greek Revolution, featuring the female heroes who fought in and influenced the war. They also look at the toll the war took on the average Greek woman.

Episode Six: Philhellenes and the Greek Revolution. Georgia Balogiannis, Sakis Gekas and Chris Grafos, Co-Founder of the Greek-Canadian History Project and a historian with the HHF, look at the American and European philhellenes who took up the cause of the Greek Revolutionary War.

Episode Seven: The founding of a nation. Georgia Balogiannis and Sakis Gekas, along with Prof. Michalis Sotiropoulos from the University of Thrace, look at how the Greek Revolution ended and nationhood began. What challenges did the new state face and how did those initial years influence the nation Greece would eventually become?

(Edited description from organiser’s website)

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