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Cyprus and 1821: Myths, realities, forgetting and remembering



Cyprus and 1821: Myths, realities, forgetting and remembering

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24 June 2021


The events of 1821 and of the entire Greek War of Independence hold a very important place in the script of the imagined Greek nation in Cyprus and for Greek Cypriot nationalism. This revolves around the execution of 400 leading Cypriots in 1821 and a failed uprising in Cyprus, as well as the contribution of Cypriots to the war on the mainland. This talk has two aims: first to revisit the Greek Revolution in relation to Cyprus, in so doing showing how nationalist narratives have come to obscure the realities of the impact of the revolution on Cyprus and the role of the island and its people; and secondly, to explore the impact of the Greek Revolution on Cypriot society and politics since then, including in the formation of EOKA in the 1950s, and the history of its commemoration, as well as its place in the education system.

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