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  • Nine episodes from the 1821 Revolution

  • 1821 "Grasp education and freedom": Aspects of the Greek Revolution

  • The Philhellenes

    Movie screening
  • The oath

  • Ghosts of the Revolution

  • The 1821 Revolution and the Greeks of America

  • The Russian Empire and the Greek world: Local, European and global histories in the Age of Revolution

  • Nationalist movements and philhellenism. Proceedings of the International Conference, 4-6 February 2021

  • #Greece200years

    Twitter hashtag
  • #Revolution1821

    The hashtag #Επανάσταση1821 dominated the Twitter world in March 2021 during the celebrations for the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution. Most of the posts refer to the fact of the celebrations with a playful character about the political figures or events that took place on 25 March 2021. In addition, there are users who do not comment mockingly, but only refer to the celebrations. Special mention is also made of the Greek flag, which is characterised by many as a sign of nationalism in the 21st century. The images accompanying the texts either mock or show Greek flags and imprints of Greek flags on buildings around the world due to the celebrations.
  • #Greece2021

    The hashtag #Greece1821 dominated March 2021 on Twitter due to the celebration of the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution. Netizens present with satisfaction and intense joy the bicentenary celebration that is taking place all over the world. The Greek white flag dominates the posts of users: they present buildings around the world with the Greek flag or images with the flag and historical figures. Also, historical information about personalities and events since the beginning of the Greek Revolution is recorded. Users show their enthusiasm for the mobilisation of Greeks around the world.
  • #Haiti

    The hashtag #Haiti dominated Twitter in March 2021 during the celebrations of the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution. Twitter users expressed their disappointment with the Greek government, which did not invite representatives from Haiti to the official celebrations. Users refer to the recognition of the right of Greeks to self-determination and the creation of an independent state. They also comment on the fact that they self-sacrificingly sent men to fight in the Greek Revolution, as well as income from their coffee for the cause. Users highlight texts and images denigrating Haiti to show how ill-advised the Greek government's move was not to invite a delegation to the celebrations. Finally, reference is also made to the Haitian leader, Jean-Pierre Boyer, and his decisive role in the recognition of the Greek Revolution.
  • Ioannis Kapodistrias: An attempt at a historical biography

  • Statecraft: Shaping the state

  • Digital Archive 1821

  • 199

  • Freedom 2021: Cypriot mosaics on the occasion of art

  • Karl Krazeisen: The hagiography of the struggle

  • 1821 Digital Archive official presentation

  • 1821 Digital Archive

  • 200 Years of the Greek State: The Black Book of Greek Capitalism

    The page presents an anthology of articles and opinions on the occasion of the anniversary of the start of the Greek Revolution of 1821 in order to highlight the opinions and issues discussed with a focus on the nationalist narrative discourse.
  • Boycott ’21

    Boycott ’21 is an initiative of the Yfanet Factory occupation. The page runs an informal two-issue issue aimed at sabotaging the celebrations for the start of the Greek Revolution and resists nationalist chants arising from the anniversary. The page also presents the third issue which is divided into sit-ins and sit-ins, gatherings and demonstrations.
  • Project1821 Athens

    The page presents an alternative way of commenting on the celebrations of the Greek Revolution. It comments on how the celebrations are carried out without the popular element, the relationship of the Greek Revolution with Eurocommunism, the concept of the revolt of the infidels, as well as a commentary on the way the bicentennial parade was conducted.
  • Grifobot 1821

    Webpage presenting the themed game dedicated to the celebration of the Greek Revolution. The themed game includes the areas of Messinia, Ermionida and Triphylia. For each region, detailed historical content is presented on the historical events and persons who have taken part in the Greek Revolution. Users start the game after reading the historical information.
  • The Left and 1821

    This page, created by the Contemporary Social History Archives, presents the relationship between the left and 1821 in an attempt to rethink the history of the Greek 20th century. The Archives of Contemporary Social History follows the readings of the Greek Revolution by building a repository of rare archival documents, unique publications, lively discussions and original texts.