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The Magic Pillows



The Magic Pillows

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14 November 2021
21 November 2021
23 November 2021
2 December 2021
4–5 December 2021
12 December 2021
18–19 December 2021

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"The Greek National Opera presents an ambitious opera production for the whole family. The Magic Pillows, Eugene Trivizas’ multi-award winning book that was turned into an opera with music by George Dousis and a libretto by Trivizas himself, under the baton of Nicolas Vassiliou and directed by Natasha Triantafylli. The famous, much-translated and award-winning story by Trivizas, after a long career in print and on stage, is adapted by the author himself for the first time into an opera for the whole family. The music of Dousis, rich in emotions, wanders enjoyably through the stunning palace, the poor schools and the dark emerald mines of Delightland, breathing life into a collection of unforgettable characters, while the staging of Triantafylli reaches for the poetic kernel and liberating force of this redemptive, inexhaustible classic story. As part of the tribute to the bicentenary of the Greek War of Independence, the production of The Magic Pillows celebrates the luminous power of resistance against all kinds of absolutism or obscurantist tyranny. "
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