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The Greek Revolution, 200 Years On



The Greek Revolution, 200 Years On

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2–16 November 2021

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The “narrative” of the 1821 Greek Revolution is presented in an extensive exhibition of Greek authors, who are called to focus on concepts such as history, individual and collective memory, national awareness and national identity, homeland, Greekness and its contradiction, as well as the question of meaning of all these concepts in modern reality. At the same time, they try to give their own version of the symbols, images and faces, messages and slogans of the revolution, its spirit, momentum and dynamism, the dimensions of that historical event that gave birth to the new Greek state. Beyond any anniversary character, the exhibition does not wish to be descriptive or iconographic, nor does it aspire to replace rigorous historical study and research, different readings, interpretations and evaluations of historians. Curated by Erato Chatzisavva and Yannis Bolis.

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