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Rigas’ Flute: From absolutism to the revolution



Rigas’ Flute: From absolutism to the revolution


9 December 2021

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"The life and work of Rigas Feraios, poet of the revolutionary anthem Thourios, martyr of the Greek national cause and precursor of the Greek War of Independence, are widely known. Less well known, however, is his interest in music as well as his talent as a flute player. The programme of this tribute concert (featuring the distinguished early music specialists Dimitris Kountouras and Flora Papadopoulou) contains compositions from the rich chamber music repertoire of the transitional period between the absolutist Ancien Régime and the paradigm shift brought on by the French Revolution. Works for flute and harpsichord by Italian, French, Austrian and Greek composers, including variations on the revolutionary songs La Marseillaise and La Carmagnole by Giuseppe Cambini, airs published in the aftermath of the Revolution in the journal Chronique de Paris and compositions written in Vienna during the time of Rigas’ revolutionary activity by composers such as Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf and Michael Haydn."
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