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Holy souls



Holy souls

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24 June 2021

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Three of the seven gates of the city had already been conquered and until yesterday the slaves, the hungry, the cursed, the exhausted, were kneeling wild, they were conquering Tripolitsa. “Where are you going, old man Nikolas?” Kolokotronis shouted angrily and we made him move, to take him back to Arada. “I’m going to meet our Argyroula,” he replied. “Or to avenge her death…” The first months of the revolution and the wind of freedom sweeps the enslaved lands of the homeland from Macedonia and the Aegean to Messolonghi and Moria. Nicholas, Despo, Stefanos, Argyro, Simos, the small people of this novel, figures and souls of the revolution, fight fiercely for the elusive dream and are severely tested by human fate. They are brought together by fire and gunpowder, they fight, they love, they mourn, they suffer. But, at last, they breathe more freely. Souli and Zalongo, Psara, Anapli, Tripolitsa. Places of martyrdom, places of sanctuary, but also places of unimaginable heroism. Where slaves become human. Where the reaya become Greeks.

(Edited and translated blurb from publisher’s website)

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