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The "Phanariotes", the Greeks of Constantinople and 1821



The "Phanariotes", the Greeks of Constantinople and 1821

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"The Section of Neohellenic Research of the Institute of Historical Research / NHRF organizes in the framework of the seminars "Hermes the Wise", a lecture by Christine Philiou (University of California, Berkeley) entitled: The "Phanariotes", the Greeks of Constantinople, and 1821»


Efi Kanner (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
Dimitris Kamouzis (Centre for Asia Minor Studies)

The lecture is a free online event upon registration. The seminar will be held in English.

The Phanariotes are famous in modern Greek culture, in part for their role in the Modern Greek Enlightenment, the revolution and the early modern Greek state. Their reputation is not positive, but questionable to negative. This presentation proposes a review of how the Phanariotes are presented in their modern Greek context, but also of how their image changes when we approach them in their Ottoman context. Along with this, the argument is proposed that the case of the Phanariotes presents us with the opportunity to connect this year's debate on 1821 with that which is to take place next year for 1922."

From the description of the event, as it was published on the organizer's website.

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