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Heroes Made of Metal



Heroes Made of Metal

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19 September–31 October 2021

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"The exhibition includes a series of works – huge mosaics, i.e. sculptural costumes and portraits of heroic personalities, realized entirely from pieces of recyclable aluminum – soft drink cans. The "particularity" of the art and technique of Nikos Floros, which he registered in New York and now constitutes his "signature", lies in the raw material and the way it is processed and utilized. The artist collects aluminum soda cans, turns the aluminum into fibers and the fibers into "metallic fabric." He doesn't have the luxury of ready-made material, instead he creates it himself from scratch. It is an extremely laborious and time-consuming process that he works out alone, from start to finish. And the colors, which he uses in each work, ensures that they reflect the nature and status of each historical person or object they represent. In a few words, Nikos Floros, with his art, manages to personify the immaterial, meticulously mutating the "humble" matter, into rustling satin fabrics, full of brilliant diamond-cut mosaics."

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