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Stories on the Road, No. 2



Stories on the Road, No. 2

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25 August–30 September 2021

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Stories on the Road Νο2 is a labour of love that invites its audiences to enjoy nostalgia for its own sake but also to look to the future with optimism, even – or perhaps especially – when things look bleak. Expect an enjoyable trip down memory lane, as well as a light-hearted examination of the relationship between yesterday and today, with a little self-deprecation thrown in for good measure. The past is always knocking at our door, so now we squint through the peephole to take a sideways look at our own history, asking where we are and how we got here. Along the way, we tell hilarious stories about the first attempts to organise the Greek state, with royal receptions, European-style dancing, overenthusiastic hand-kissing, and heroes of the revolution squabbling over crystal chandeliers. But nor do we neglect the habits and traditions of ordinary people and what we’ve got right and wrong over the years. We present a life that is bittersweet, full of laughter and tears, with a thread running through it that ties us to the past and will lead us into the future.

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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