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Monuments for 1821: Fruitless Proposals for a Panhellenic Heroon



Monuments for 1821: Fruitless Proposals for a Panhellenic Heroon


19 January 2021


The issue of expressing gratitude to the actors of the liberation of the nation through the construction of monuments arose even before the establishment of the modern Greek state. Despite extensive consideration, few heroa were erected in the 19th century. Interest picked up in the context of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Greek Revolution in 1871. The issue was rekindled during the Balkan Wars and especially during the interwar period, for the celebration of the centenary of the Greek Revolution, which was postponed to 1930. The debate centred on a Panhellenic Heroon, which, despite endless discussions, was never constructed. After a general introduction on the heroa, this presentation will focus on the efforts to erect a Panhellenic Heroon. Emphasis will be placed on the proposal of the sculptor Georgios Bonanos (1863–1940), a work of “architecture-sculpture” that remained in the planning stages, but is of great interest because it reflects Modern Greek ideology. Its sculptural decoration captures all Greek history from the Fall of Constantinople to the Balkan Wars, with overt references to the Great Idea.

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