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1821 from the East



1821 from the East


18 October 2021


The online discussion “1821 from the East” opens a dialogue between a Byzantinist and two Ottomanists. We are used to considering the Greek Revolution as a Greek event, in fact as a foundational event of the Greek state, or the result of economic, social and spiritual processes of modern Greece, while recently it has also been approached as a European event. The three interlocutors will take a different stance, re-evaluating the concept of 1821 as a foundational event of ,odern Greek identity from the perspective of Byzantine culture (Maria Mavroudi), focusing on the Ottoman dimension of the Phanariots (Christine Philliou), and studying the gradual alienation of the Christian Ottoman subjects in the Balkans from the Muslims, and especially from the janissary corps (Marinos Sariyannis).

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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