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1821: Ideology and history in the 20th century



1821: Ideology and history in the 20th century


30 November 2021


This discussion will focus on how many of Greece’s key ideological and political struggles from the First World War to the present have been played out through and around shifting historical interpretations of 1821. For the Left, demoticism and the emergence of a Greek Marxist historiography in particular shaped a new approach to the Greek revolution. They also prompted the rise of countervailing set of conservative anti-materialist readings before, during and after the Second World War. In the Cold War, and especially after 1967, came the Western embrace of the theme of liberal philhellenism. After 1974, the expansion of modern historical studies in Greek universities led to a tension between the public memory of 1821and scholarly revision and innovation. Finally, the often acrimonious and polarised arguments of the 20th century contrast strikingly with the relatively sober commemorations of 2021: what does the absence of a historiographical debate in the year of the bicentennial tell us about the state of Greek society and politics today?

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