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From the flames of the struggle, Athens–Ermoupoli: the rebirth of Greece



From the flames of the struggle, Athens–Ermoupoli: the rebirth of Greece

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3 August–20 October 2021

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The aim of the exhibition is to highlight the revival of the classical ideal of freedom in Greece, and especially its expression in visual arts, by both Greek and international artists, especially philhellenes. It centres on Athens and Ermoupoli as two of the most important Greek cities of the 19th century, that also share a great neoclassical tradition in their historic buildings. The neoclassical movement in art and architecture distinctly exemplifies the Hellenic ideal which had fuelled the dreams for the rebirth if Greece and the revival of Greek classical culture, and curator Thodoris Koutsogiannis’ goal is to illustrate this struggle of the Greek nation to reconnect to its past and restore its former glory. The exhibition is arranged in six thematic units. In the introductory section, the narrative begins with the vision of Regeneration – the widespread desire for a Greek resurgence in the years of Ottoman rule, and the first instances of the revolutionary struggle (such as the Orlov Revolt and the pamphlets of Rigas Feraios) – and the insular Hellenism in the prerevolutionary era, with works showing the islands and ports of the Aegean as they were depicted by artists, mainly foreign travellers, of the time.

(Edited description from Greek News Agenda website)

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