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New dimensions of 1821



New dimensions of 1821


5–6 November 2021, 12–13 November 2021


This conference, held online as part of the bicentenary of the Greek War of Independence, is an exploration of the many kinds of connections between the Greek War of Independence itself and developments and actors to the East and West. The Greek Kingdom that was established out of the War of Independence was a new state-formation, and one that blended aspects of old and new regimes of the moment. As we view the story of the War of Independence as a process that bridged Greek life and society under the Ottomans and the achievement of Greek statehood we will consider it through the Russian, Balkan, Ottoman, Italian and broader European lenses. What was unique about the Greek War of Independence? What did it – as a conflict, as a process, and as an outcome – have in common with the political and social currents in the broader regions to which it was connected?

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