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Bicentennial reenactment of the Greek Ball of New York



Bicentennial reenactment of the Greek Ball of New York


13 March 2021

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The Order of AHEPA presents a unique show for the ages. In Astoria, at the Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York’s Stathakion Center, AHEPA paid homage to the American support for the Greek War of Independence. Many fundraisers were made during the war to assist the Greek cause. This re-enactment was of the Greek Ball of 27 February 1827. The original event was at the Park Theatre, which once stood located in Manhattan. Thus, AHEPA went to excruciating detail to replicate the Park Theatre of the era and to replicate in detail many aspects of the evening from newspaper accounts. The spectacle when entering the Stathakion was beautiful and imposing. A large display of the Park Theatre circa 1827 was stationed at the entrance to the Greek Ball re-enactment. In fact, the large hall had many displays designed to take you back with historical accuracy.
The highlight of AHEPA’s Greek Bicentennial Re-enactment of the Greek Ball was Lana Zochiou of the Consulate General of Greece. Zochiou, surrounded by the cast, recited from memory a heartfelt rendition of the famed communication of the first Governor of Greece Ioannis Kapodistrias to then United States President John Quincy Adams. The letter was sent a short time after the original Greek Ball. In it, Kapodistrias thanked the United States with “the sentiments of gratitude with which the liberal conduct of the America nation has filled the nation over which he presides”. The cast applauded and proceeded tear eyed to dance with Zochiou. Then something remarkable occurred. The cast and the AHEPA members continued, masks on, to mingle together. The mixture of costumes and suits was a stark contrast between the two vastly different time periods. It also underscored the 200 year nature of the alliance between the United States and Greece."

(Edited description from organiser’s website)

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