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Constitutionalism and reform politics in the Age of Revolutions



Constitutionalism and reform politics in the Age of Revolutions


10 May 2021


"The presentation outlines the struggle to define constitutionalism during the Age of Revolutions. It conveys a set of reflections over some interrelated propositions: First, it turns to the contested meanings of constitutionalism from the American and French Revolutions onwards; second, on the different visions and political ideologies over the theory and practice of constitutional government after the simultaneous outbreak of the revolutions in the global south (Greece, Spain, and Latin America). It argues that local specificities in each case provided the material spaces that widened the scope of political thinking beyond the constitutional consensus cantered around Britain; and to both French readings on the innovations of the constitutions of the American states and French revolutionary implications in American contexts. Finally, in tracing discussions about constitutionalism particular emphasis is given to Bentham’s constitutional design (set out as constitutional advice to the revolutionaries in Greece, Spain, and Latin America) in relation to the changing conceptual and historical framework of the legitimacy of authority and obedience and the reform movement’s reordering of the political debate brought to bear on government."

From the description of the event, as it was published on the organizer's website.


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