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Counting down time for Revolution



Counting down time for Revolution


13 November 2021


Time is a crucial factor for any human endeavour, all the more so for a revolution. Greek revolutionaries were arguably preoccupied with time: from Rigas Feraios War Song (“Until when, o brave young men…”) up to Alexandros Ypsilantis’ proclamations (“the hour has come!”), time is taken into account, counted through and even engineered to suit a given political purpose. Focusing on the Greek revolutionary proclamations, this paper seeks to study how time was used to make the common people rise up in revolt. To this end the Greek revolutionaries appealed to a particular conception of linear, measurable and finite time, in contrast to the cyclical and never-ending time of peasants, thereby grafting the nationalist cause onto the timeframe of the pre-existing prophetic traditions about the coming of a messianic time of deliverance (“καιρός”) for the Ottoman-ruled Orthodox.

(Edited abstract from conference website)

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