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Reaya: Days and nights of 1821



Reaya: Days and nights of 1821

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24 June 2021

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1816–1829. Patras, Tripolitsa, Nafplio, Messolongi… After Angelis is imprisoned in the chicken coop of Sahin Aga, hatred nestled in his soul like a poisonous snake. During his explosive and at the same time seductive course, he comes into the employ of a twisted and stingy salesman, who sells cheap items for big money. He is surrounded by the leaden cloud of slavery and the humiliation of the reaya. He mixes with Kerasia, whose faces shines with dreams. He encounters with kodjabashis, serfs and comrades-in-arms, who are more to him than brothers and wife at the time of the battle, while a terrified Turkish boy latches on to him. Along the way, two elders, who are looking for the motivation for everything but also the sweet and medicinal substance of the “I”, the planet Aspasia, devilish strangers, local adventurers, the thirty-six-year-old speechless Symeon, a horseman who saves his captives and the greatest enemy of the free man, fear. Angelis experiences the greatness and the dark side of the blood-stained 1821, breaking down myths and revealing registered truths. He embraces the fire of the uprising, transforms savagery into hope, redemption and sweetness, and shouts: "I do not want to be a reaya to anyone. Reaya never!

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