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Miloš Obrenović and the Greek Revolution revisited



Miloš Obrenović and the Greek Revolution revisited


5 February 2021


"The relation and attitudes of the Balkan peoples, their leaders and their national movements towards their Balkan neighbours in outstanding moments of the latter’s nation-building processes, such as the 1821 Revolution for the Greeks, has been granted particular attention and study, which very often plays an important role in the construction of ideas about the national or Balkan character of post-Ottoman states and societies, as well as for their relations vis-à-vis one another. This paper highlights little-known testimonies about the attitudes of the semi-autonomous Serbian Prince Miloš Obrenović and his environment to the 1821 Greek Revolution. Furthermore, it examines the interpretative dilemmas posed by the particular circumstances and the existing testimonies, and we critically dwell on the historiographic treatment of the question in Serbian and Greek historiography."

(Slightly modified abstract from the Initiative 1821-2021 website)

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