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1821: The battles of the Greeks for freedom



1821: The battles of the Greeks for freedom

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March 2016

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The history of the 1821 Revolution contains many aspects, the exploration of which still holds surprises for scholars. But the vast majority of the latter, paradoxically (?), do not focus on the most important aspect. That of military operations. And yet the freedom of the Greeks was not won, as many believe, in the salons of European diplomacy, but on the battlefields. Because, contrary to the views of experts and non-experts, the history of peoples is written there. This book describes in a strictly scientific, but at the same time fascinating way, the most important land battles of the struggle, thanks to which the Greeks managed to continue their historical course. It also contains an original hypothetical scenario – which, however, is based on unshakable evidence – through which an attempt is made to overturn the established notion that the flame of the revolution was extinguished due to Ibrahim’s invasion of the Peloponnese and that Greek independence is the result of the naval battle.

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