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Theodoros Kolokotronis: The main face of the struggle for freedom



Theodoros Kolokotronis: The main face of the struggle for freedom

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February 2021

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It is almost inconceivable for the Greeks of today that the 1821 Revolution could have failed. It is so strongly imprinted in the collective memory of the nation as the leading event that led to its liberation, that we feel that success was – in some ways – certain. However, few of us have understood how much the revolution in the Morea was threatened by the invasion of Dramalis and during the intervention of the Egyptian expeditionary force led by Ibrahim. Essentially the only opponent of both was Kolokotronis. With unprecedented energy, the Greek general rallied the national forces and kept the spark of the struggle. The invasion of Dramalis ended in disaster in the Dervenaki pass. That of Ibrahim met with so much resistance that it brought the Egyptian recruiter and his staff to the brink of despair. Kolokotronis was the personification of the struggle. In no case can we claim that, in those critical moments, he monopolised the revolution because there were many individual achievements of the other protagonists as well. However, what Theodoros Kolokotronis can “monopolise” in the collective memory is that no one can imagine the struggle for national independence without the Old Man of the Morea. In this book, historian Nikos Giannopoulos studies with a penetrating look that period fluctuating and unfolds all aspects of the rich action of the great revolutionary. With this publication, the Historical Quest publishers honours the incalculable contribution of Theodoros Kolokotronis to Greece and contributes in its own way to the bicentenary of the beginning of the Revolution of 1821, a milestone that crowns all the efforts, the sacrifices and hopes of the nation.

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