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Ottoman narratives about the Greek Revolution



Ottoman narratives about the Greek Revolution


21 April 2021

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The Association of Philologists of Kozani, honouring the bicentenary of the declaration of the 1821 Revolution, hosts a series of online discussions entitled “1821: Local and international aspects of the Revolution”, under the auspices of the Region of Western Macedonia. This talk examines the Ottoman reception of the Greek Revolution and the theories that prevailed in Ottoman political thought in the early 19th century, through which the reception of the revolution was initially one of “system failure”. It includes an analysis of the reports of the official historians of the time and other narratives such as that of Yusuf bey al-Moravi, who knew Greek and was in Nafplio during the siege of the city by the Greeks. The speaker emphasises the way in which the Ottomans understood the meaning of nation and national consciousness, what assumptions and information they had about the causes and motives of the revolution, and finally, how the revolution itself influenced the change of their worldview and of the political thought of the empire.

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