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The influence of the Great Powers in the Greek Revolution



The influence of the Great Powers in the Greek Revolution

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14 April 2021


The series of discussions marking the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution continues with contributions by Kostas Kostis, John Milios and Sotiris Rizas about the effect of the Great Powers in the Greek Revolution.

From time to time, the debate about the role played by the Great Powers in the outcome of the Greek Revolution and in the formation of the modern Greek state returns to public discourse. There are those who declare that they acted beneficially and that without them there would be no Greek state, while there are others who claim that they played a destructive role leading to the dependence of the country, to “xenocracy”. These issues as well as the general international conditions of the time, the new international status quo that was formed after the Congress of Vienna in 1815, the role of the great empires and Napoleonic France after the Revolution of 1789, are among the topics that will be discussed.

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