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The Greek Revolution through Ottoman eyes



The Greek Revolution through Ottoman eyes


October 2020


This study attempts to shed light on a relatively unknown aspect of the Greek Revolution: The reactions and the way in which the Ottomans received and interpreted the Greek national liberation movement. It is addressed to both the specialist public and the ordinary reader who wishes to understand more fully the shocks and the consequences of the revolution as well as the consequent establishment of the independent state within the Ottoman Empire.

Readers have the opportunity to follow the events of the revolution from the perspective of the Ottoman political elite of Istanbul, the chroniclers of the Porte and the Ottoman officials from the periphery of the region who were at the centre of the conflict.

The book aspires to contribute to the emergence of certain aspects of 1821 and to give a new impetus to historical research, through serious reflection, elements that are a prerequisite for understanding a major event such as the act of creation of the Greek state.

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The Greek Revolution through the Ottoman perspective

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