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By fire and blood: The war chronicle of 1821



By fire and blood: The war chronicle of 1821

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The war epic of 1821 is the last great myth of our national life. “Myth” in this sense does not mean, of course, the imaginary narrative but the idea, the basis, the reference point, which functions as a mobilizing force of national order and uprising. Unfortunately, in modern times the interest in this multifaceted world/historical phenomenon has diminished significantly. A veil of ignorance covers the struggle of the national uprising. From school onwards, he has come up with an open and colourless narrative, which overlaps with the political-economic scholasticism of the pre-revolutionary and post-revolutionary period. The war events are missing! The youth is indifferent to administrative reforms and economic analysis. It needs standards and values. It is furious with the always small number of Greek fighters who crushed the dominant hoards of Muslims. It is excited by the daring naval operations of Kanaris and feels awe for the conscious sacrifice of Diakos and Papaflessas. It identifies with those lions who gave us freedom, literally passing through fire and blood. For these reasons, the author published this comprehensive chronology-book. Here are the main events of the national uprising from 1821 to 1829. The brief narration of the events of the national uprising and their chronological structure offers a comprehensive and general view of 1821. The knowledge of the past determines the course of the future.

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