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Tableaux Vivants: Αrt is alive



Tableaux Vivants: Αrt is alive

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1–2 July 2021
6–9 July 2021
16–17 September 2021
23–24 September 2021
30 September 2021–1 October 2021

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200 years later, six paintings by the Benaki Museum, with choreography by Froso Korrou and directed by Olga Broumas, bring moments of the 1821 Revolution to life, in collaboration with Attica department stores and the Mediterranean Cosmos, Athens Golden Hall and The Mall Athens. Performers in Athens and Thessaloniki replicate and interpret emblematic paintings by leading Greek and European artists who captured the ethos, the passion, the ideals and the actions of the 1821 Revolution through their work. These works, so famous and familiar, which are now elements of our national identity, literally take on a new dimension. They rise from the frame of the canvas, converse with the weight of history and challenge us to look again. So similar, but so different.
These works are:
Dionysios Tsokos, “The assassination of Ioannis Kapodistrias on 27 September 1831”, 1850. Benaki Museum
Theodoros Vryzakis, “The oath of the fighters in the church of Agia Lavra,” 1851. Benaki Museum
Sir Charles Lock Eastlake, “Greek fugitives after the destruction of Chios,” 1833. Benaki Museum
Theodoros Vryzakis, “The caravel”, 1851. Benaki Museum
Henri Decaisne, “Failure of Military Operation”, 1826. Benaki Museum
January Suchodolski, “The Dance of Zalongo”, 1833. Benaki Museum”

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