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Dionysios Solomos: Close Greece in your soul



Dionysios Solomos: Close Greece in your soul


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24 March 2021

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The film “Dionysios Solomos: Put Greece in your soul”, refers to the life and work of Greece’s great national poet Dionysios Solomos. Solomos, based entirely on the folk tradition, creates a poetry focused on the musicality of the word and the acoustic purity of a poetic speech. A poet of the idea of freedom, faith and love for the homeland, he left behind a poem in accordance with the requirements of his time, high and always relevant, in order to spread the just demands of the Greek national liberation struggle, which is why it was established as national poet. Most have associated this title with the “Hymn to Freedom”. However, there are a number of other reasons that justify this title. He is the first who consciously manages to create in a successful way, a panhellenic language instrument understood by everyone. His contemporaries, and literary critics, treat him as the general of modern Greek poetry, as the poet “has put Greece in his soul and feels in himself longing for all kinds of greatness”.

(Edited and translated Cosmote TV Press Release, as published on the Radiotvlink website)

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