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The 1821 Revolution in the secondary school textbooks



The 1821 Revolution in the secondary school textbooks


25 October 2021

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As part of its series of talks on 1821, the Iakovatios Library held its tenth online discussion on the topic “The 1821 Revolution in the secondary school textbooks”. The three speakers refer to books of elementary, gymnasium (lower high school) and lyceum (upper high school). Initially the first speaker presents a comparative study of five textbooks on the revolution from 1975 to the present with reference to the objectives of the history lesson and their characteristics through the syllabi. Then the second speaker presents sections from the history book of the 3rd Gymnasium and points out the way in which the subject of history is taught today in secondary education. Finally, the third speaker compares the history books from 1980 to 2007 and points out that the way of teaching history deprives students of the development of critical thinking, the historical depth of the lesson and basic knowledge while on the contrary promotes photographic memory.

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