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Athens: 200 years, 200 buildings



Athens: 200 years, 200 buildings

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9 December–12 December 2021

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The exhibition is based on the book-album “Athens: 200 years, 200 buildings”, which was published by the Grad Review and edited by Manolis Anastasakis. The exhibition is organised by Citylab in cooperation with the University of West Attica and the Grad Review magazine and with the exclusive sponsorship of the Avax Group. It includes the presentation of the 200 buildings of the album, buildings which are located in Athens and its wider area. These are emblematic buildings that we encounter in our daily life in the city and for many of them we do not know their history and evolution in time. The 200 buildings are presented in five chronological periods. In addition, each period has been reviewed in more detail, presenting on 10 screens the architectural production in Athens within its historical, social and cultural context. The sound background in the exhibition space runs through the musical history of Athens of the last 200 years. Curated by Panagiotis Pangalos.

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