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Decolonising gender/feminist methodologies



Decolonising gender/feminist methodologies


06 November 2021


On the occasion of the publication of the book “Women in the Kurdish Movement: Mothers, Comrades, Goddesses” by Handan Çaǧlayan, we discuss anticolonial inquiries on the “coloniality of power,” which primarily concern colonised and subaltern female bodies, but also the dominant male ones. Capitalist enclosures and colonial dispossessions, as they become visible in the dense feminist discourse on patriarchy, feminicide and rape culture, but also through female practices of care and solidarity, and the creative performances of local cosmologies, are urging us to relate female colonized bodies with other subaltern bodies, things and their worlds. Once feminist methodologies engage not only with gender but also with race, class, power and justice, they establish intersectionality in social struggles, in line with postcolonial critique, and become inspiring and practical mediations between society, embodied knowledge and academia.

(Edited abstract from conference website)

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