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Hydra: The rock of freedom



Hydra: The rock of freedom

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17 July 2021

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The Municipality of Hydra, in order to honour those who sacrificed themselves for a free Greece but also in general those who actively helped the Greek cause, in collaboration with the German Embassy in Athens, commissioned a very internationally renowned Greek conductor and composer, Konstantia Gourzi, to compose a work based on the poetry of the great German philhellene poet Wilhelm Müller that was presented for the World First in Hydra, along with works by other great creators of the classical repertoire. German and Greek musicians travelled to Hydra especially for this purpose, presenting them in the precinct of the Metropolitan Church. The work prepared by Konstantia Gourzi, entitled “Hydra: The rock of freedom”, is based on three poems composed by Müller and refer to Hydra and its role in the great effort of the Greeks.

(Edited and translated description from article by Panagiotis Rappas on Hydra 2021 website)

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