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1821: The Greek Revolution



1821: The Greek Revolution

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4 April 2021

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As part of its bicentenary program, ERT is screening the documentary series “1821: The Greek Revolution”. The television documentary series of 13 episodes concisely and clearly describes that exciting period of the revolutionary struggle, as an opportunity for the general reflection of the course of the Greek state that emerged since the revolution today. Our desire was to present a series of documentaries that present the Greek Revolution with factual precision and academic documentation. In the form of issues we looked back from the complex beginning of the movement, namely the organization of the Philiki Etaireia, the attitude of the leadership of the Orthodox clergy and the position of the Ottoman Empire towards it until the confused development of the struggle and the attitude of the Great Powers which determined its successful outcome. Along with the war and political events, other aspects of life in the years of the revolution are highlighted, which concern the institutional organisation and operation of the state, the economy, the role of the clergy, etc. Two more distinct issues concern the depiction of the Greek revolution in art and its historical recording by persons who starred in it. The division into thirteen subjects, each under the supervision of a distinguished academic acting as a consultant, was chosen in order to examine more fully and in more detail all the categories of events and to accurately narrate the development of the events. We believe that in this way the viewer will be able to better understand the individual parameters that shaped the events that contributed to the successful outcome of the struggle.

(Edited and translated description from ERT website)

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