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Οριοθέτηση ενός κτήματος και φορολογικές πραγματικότητες στα χρόνια του Αγώνα: η περίπτωση του Κιβερίου




1 October 2021


This presentation focuses on the relationship between tax revenues and space. Through a case study, it follows the demarcation and the administrative attachment of a settlement, Kiveri in Argolida, in its historical evolution from the second period of Venetian rule to the 1821 Revolution and seeks its correlation with the taxation/fiscal realities of the revolutionary period. Our problematic focuses on the micro level, the case of a settlement, assuming that this example highlights broader historical realities. By identifying, to the greatest extent possible, the precise definition of the historic site, we seek to look again at the issue of the Ottoman legacy in the budgetary organisation of the emerging revolutionary administration. The focus is the examination of the transition process from a fragmented fiscal space to the geographical continuum of the modern administrative organisation.

(Edited and translated abstract from conference website)

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