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Heroes of faith and fatherland: The pride of our country



Heroes of faith and fatherland: The pride of our country


28 February 2021

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In collaboration with the Advisory Committee of the Holy Metropolis for bicentenary of the 1821 Revolution, the metropolis is organising a three-part series under the general theme: “Heroes of faith and fatherland: The pride of our country”. The topics deal with: “The phenomenon of the New Martyrs”, “The Clergy in the Struggle of the National Uprising: Witnesses, Fighters and Pioneers and “Neophytos of Lacedaemonia (1771–1777): Pieces from the biography of a little-known martyr hierarch of the late 18th century”. The bicentenary of the Greek Revolution gave rise to a discussion about the new martyrs, the national martyrs and the offering of the clergy to it, without neglecting to make special references to the southern Peloponnese. The purpose of the event is to underline the spiritual and moral contribution of the church to the struggle, a role which nowadays has been defamed, making the work of the historian all the more important.

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