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Heroes inspire us



Heroes inspire us


23 February 2021

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What would a child ask an 1821 fighter if he could meet him up close? How interesting would it be to have a conversation between a modern man and a militant who fought during the Greek Revolution? How would the fighters of 1821 deal with the habits and daily life of modern Greeks? What would Laskarina Bouboulina ask when she saw a modern man wearing a mask? What would Papaflessas think if he met a student from the Greek Air Force academy? The students of the three primary schools of Sidirokastro were invited to paint a hero of 1821 and a modern man of 2021, creating a fantastic dialogue between the two faces. The result of this special coexistence on paper impressed all those who had the opportunity to be at an award ceremony for students, during which the exhibition of paintings took place.

(Edited and translated description from website)

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