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Presentation of the research project “The finances of the struggle: Taxation and state”



Presentation of the research project “The finances of the struggle: Taxation and state”


01 October 2021


"The organisation and management of public finances has been one of the most fundamental issues with which the Greek Revolution was confronted. The Provisional Government of Greece, which was proclaimed by vote of the Provisional Administration (1 January 1822) had to finance its administrative, military and naval needs, to identify national resources and organise a control mechanism. The institutional framework that it produced determined the taxation system that was implemented during the revolution and formed the basis of the fiscal organisation of the Greek state.

The object of the research project is the pilot processing of the taxation catalogues from the period of the revolution, with the aim to investigate the mechanism of tax farming, the profile of the persons involved in tax farming, as well as their geographical distribution, in an attempt to reconstitute the tax geography of the time. The purpose of the project is to create a research tool that will depict, to the greatest extent possible, historical information so as to answer older and newer questions. The information can be viewed through an interactive map, in which the leases of the tax farms are recorded, together with all the relevant accompanying information. In addition, in the framework of the project, it was deemed appropriate to establish a toponymic database using tax documents from the period. Finally, a bibliography on this topic is provided on the project website. The research project was supported by the National Bank of Greece within the framework of Initiative 1821–2021."

From the book of abstracts of the conference, as it was published on the organizer's website.

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