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Wikipedia Challenge: Become a Contemporary Encyclopedist!



Wikipedia Challenge: Become a Contemporary Encyclopedist!

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October 2021 – May 2022


"The 200-year anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821 as well as Wikipedia’s twentieth birthday is a double inspiration for the Panhellenic School Competition for Encyclopedia Entry Writing, organized by the ONASSIS FOUNDATION and the ONASSIS LIBRARY. Reading archives and exploring sources, teams of students from across Greece and abroad will have the opportunity to have an overview of Greek history but also of the evolution and development of encyclopedic knowledge through the digital encyclopedia Wikipedia. At the same time, the critical thinking and scientific approach required for the writing, editing and structure of encyclopedia entries will give them important tools and a stance of life: respect of different opinions, flexibility, and Internet etiquette. Exploring the past creatively and collectively through teamwork, students will actively contribute to enriching Wikipedia, this powerful tool of EDUCATION and source of information internationally, with new or translated entries for 1821 and the Greek Revolution. The teams that will be distinguished will received praise as well as prize money in the form of free technical equipment for their schools. Are you ready to write history?" From the announcement of the competition on the website of the Onassis Foundation

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