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Seal of Freedom



Seal of Freedom

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Zolotas celebrates the bicentenary οf the Greek War of Independence with the highly collectible series of rings “Seals of Liberty”. The collection consists of 21 different original rings, a direct reference to the milestone year of the Revolution, each one issued in 21 numbered copies. Whether in 18kt gold, in silver 925, or made of real stampstones with the image engraved on semi-precious stones, the theme of each ring has the practical use of a stamp. The symbolism and techniques of each Seal hold their own separate codes, deriving both from the War of Independence epic and the multi-millennial Greek iconography. The Seals of Liberty by House ZOLOTAS are an anthology of the most characteristic symbols of the revolutionary period, but not only that: The amazing designs, with their in-depth study of the symbolism and careful selection of each and every shape, precious metal and stone, form a complete set of timeless creations. These rings are both objects of the past and of today. Their use as a personal stamp, either for ink or sealing wax, takes the wearer on a long trip over the many centuries of Hellenism but the ring itself is one unique piece of handmade jewellery that inextricably binds them with 2021. The raw force of the natural elements meets the Symbol and seals it within its ancient secret.

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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