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Songs need virtue and courage



Songs need virtue and courage

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25 March 2021
28 June 2021
26 September 2021

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200 Years of Folk Song. The composer and conductor Stavros Xarchakos and Lidl Hellas honor in the most imaginative and creative way the Greek music source that remains inexhaustible: the folk song. With three cycles that symbolically contain 21 songs each and go through these 200 years of expression of the modern Greek through the singing, it highlights the importance and timelessness of the Greek music tradition.

1st Collection: 7 Contemporary Greek composers present 21 songs - Dimitra Galani, Pavlos Pavlidis, Neoklis Neofitidis, Taf Lathos, Katerina Polemi, Palov & Mishkin, New York Gypsy All-Stars

2nd Collection: 21 songs for 1821 - under the direction of Lambros Liavas, participates the music group Polis Ensemble with Katerina Papadopoulou and Panagiotis Angelakopoulos, under the direction-orchestration of Alexandros Kapsokavadis.

3rd Collection: New work - Stavros Xarchakos will present and direct a new work. This is a suite for orchestral ensemble, choir and singer Iro Saia with inspiration from 21 selected folk songs.

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Songs need virtue and courage

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