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The manly chariots



The manly chariots

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13 December 2021-31 January 2022

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It is known that at the beginning of the struggle the Cretans had few weapons, only 1,200, of which 800 were in the hands of the Sfakians. And yet, these defenceless people, oppressed by official power and its local pockets, have accomplished the impossible by using primitive means and improvised weapons made of simple materials, such as wood. This is exactly the aspect that the Municipality of Malevizi will highlight: the unequal struggle that lasted throughout the 19th century. The rare exhibits that are presented are expected to arouse the interest of scientific and other circles outside Crete, even internationally. Among them are the improvised weapons of the Cretans, but also those made by local workshops. Through the tour in 14 showcases, the visitor will have a complete picture of the armaments of that time but also of the popular culture of the Island, since it is not only an exhibition of heirlooms, a tribute to the ancestors, but also a report in the conditions of the war, as well as for a tour of the art, technique, aesthetics and beliefs of the time.

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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