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And it was done…Greece



And it was done…Greece


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19 November 2020

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The tribute show “And it was done…Greece” unfolds the events that led to the revolution, focuses on its protagonists and the genesis of the Greek state and then focuses on the great personalities who played a leading role in different areas of our modern history, from establishment of the Greek state until today. The show is presented by the journalist and historian Georgios Sarris, with their scientific collaborators Giorgos Theodoridis (lecturer in modern and contemporary social and political history of Europe at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens) and Nikos Zervas (PhD in management science and history at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens).
The tribute series is divided into three cycles relating to different periods:
The first cycle (5 episodes) sheds light on the events that led to the Greek Revolution.
The second cycle (9 episodes) analyses the important events, the battles, the naval battles, but also the personalities of the heroes of the Revolution, with shooting in emblematic places and areas that played a decisive role in the uprising that led to the liberation.
The third cycle (7 episodes) focuses on the personalities who, from the Revolution of 1821 until today, 200 years later, evolved, reformed, honoured and promoted Greece and Hellenism to the ends of the Earth.
Each episode of the third cycle is dedicated to personalities who excelled in seven different fields: Science, Arts, Letters Sports, Benefactors, Economy, Politics. In fact, the television audience will have the opportunity through voting on the micro-site of the show " And it was done…Greece " to participate in the selection of personalities that will be presented. The series " And it was done…Greece " hosts descendants of heroes of the revolution, important personalities of letters and arts, historians, representatives of the Church of Greece, politicians and ambassadors of foreign countries in Greece, submitting historical documents and testimonies for the first time on Greek television. The composition of the brand and the musical investment of the show, is an original creation, exclusively for the series "And it was done…Greece ", by Dimitris Stathakopoulos, distinguished Musicologist, Historian, Ottoman-Turkologist and Lawyer. With the help of his collaborators, Dimitris Stathakopoulos orchestrated the musical investment of the show with musical instruments that were widespread in the early 19th century.” (From Open Beyond:

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