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Hellene, Romios, Greek: Collective designations and identities



Hellene, Romios, Greek: Collective designations and identities

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December 2018


In the case of Greek historiography, starting from the great composition of Konstantinos Paparrigopoulos for the unified and continuous Greek national history and its three-part distinction (antiquity-Byzantium-modern times), a number of issues were raised, such as the genesis of the Greek nation and its historical course, the Greek identity in the evolution of time and the interconnected conceptualisation of the terms that constitute the core of this volume. In recent years there is a lively reflection on issues of identities yet again in Greece, especially in their connection with the concept of Greekness. Recent historical research has enriched our knowledge, refined our historical perspective, contributed to new critical approaches, broadening the reflection on the historical paths of concepts and collective definitions. In fact, the issue concerned not only academic historiography, but also public history, given the special importance that the historical past has in modern Greece as an experiential relationship, as a research issue but also as a legitimising factor of current political goals. The result was a dialogue that, often driven by current situations, was sometimes characterized by sharpness, on the verge of war. This volume hosts studies by academics of different schools, views and generations, from universities and research institutes in Greece and abroad; studies that cover broad topics in the long run and relate to examples from different historical experiences and sociopolitical environments: the ancient world, the Byzantine world, the period of Latin rule and Ottoman rule, the areas of the Greek diaspora, the years of the Greek Revolution and the formation of the Greek state until the early 20th century.

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