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Revolutions (1776-1830): Modern Historiographic Approaches



Revolutions (1776-1830): Modern Historiographic Approaches

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Theory and Historical Studies, no. 22




The collective volume Revolutions (1776-1830): Modern Historiographic Approaches is part of the publishing activity carried out by the Society for the Study of Modern Hellenism (EMNE) for the bicentenary of 1821 Revolution. The range of studies included in the volume extends from the revolutions in Europe to those in the American continent at the end of the 18th to the middle of the 19th century, with the belief that this specific project contributes to the inclusion of the Greek case in the international context. Following the tradition of the “Theory and Historical Studies” series of the EMNE, the publication includes specialised academic articles that examine different aspects of the revolutionary phenomenon. In particular, these are 16 articles, translated into Greek from French, English, Italian and Spanish, which present aspects of contemporary historiography on the Age of Revolution in various national contexts from 1776 to 1830. Seven articles are dedicated to the French Revolution and the historiographical landscape, as it was shaped before and after the bicentenary of 1789, with the relevant confrontations as well as the newest research in the field (Vovelle, Triolaire, Lemarchand, Chappey, Chopelin, Leuwers, Pascal Dupuy, Alan Forrest). Here are seven articles on revolutions in the Mediterranean and the Balkans: the Spanish Revolution of 1808 (Carantoña), the Spanish liberals (Oliván), Italian Carbonarism (Addante), the revolutions of 1820-1821 in Italy (de Francesco), the Serbian Revolt of 1804 (Vucinich), the Greek Revolution through the prism of Ottoman politics (Sheremet). The so-called “Atlantic” revolutions for the independence of the American colonies are covered by two articles, one on the American Revolution (Greene) and one on movements in Latin America (Breña). Finally, the revolutionary upheaval of 1830 in many parts of the European continent is presented through a transnational perspective (Fureix). An original text by Vassilis Panagiotopoulos on the civil wars during the Revolution of 1821 is published as an addendum.

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