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Greece and the liberal revolutions of 1820-1823 in southern Europe



Greece and the liberal revolutions of 1820-1823 in southern Europe


12 March 2021


Twelve months before the first Greek risings against Ottoman rule, a military pronunciamento in Seville in March 1820 marked the start of the liberal revolutions in southern Europe. From Spain the revolutions spread to Portugal, Naples, Sicily and Piedmont with wider resonances from south America to the Ottoman and Tsarist empires that came to constitute a “liberal international”. But as the first Greek rebellions were starting, an Austrian army was already marching southwards to crush the Italian revolutions; two years later a French army invaded Spain to restore the absolutist monarchy and bring the trienio liberal in southern Europe to an end. After 1823, the Greek Revolution was the last hope for liberals across Europe and speculation about its possible outcome was primarily an opportunity for survivors of the earlier revolutions in southern Europe to reflect on why their own revolutions had failed and how their political objectives might still be preserved.

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