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International digital conference: Nationalist movements and philhellenism



International digital conference: Nationalist movements and philhellenism


04 February 2021-06 February 2021

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A faithful or a timely image? The importance of the Greek heroes’ portraits for the European public
The shifting sands of philhellenism and the first English portraits of Byron: From “preposterous liberalism” to the “pretext” of freedom
Philhellenic artists’ Images of Greece through the filter of ideology and aesthetics
The musical expression of an unknown “crypto-philhellenism”: European operatic works during the period of the Greek Revolution (1821–1827)
Philhellenism before philhellenism: The vision of education and the maturity of the idea of the nation through the writings of Greek students at the University of Padua (17th–18th century)
The beginning of the philhellenic movement in Italy: Periodisation, goals and expectations
The Italian national discourse and the Greek Revolution: Politics, literature, art (1821–1847)
Gender and war: Literary outlooks on women implicated in the Greek Revolution
What independence for Greece? Abbé de Pradt’s point of view
National and universal significance of the Greek Uprising 1821: From the perspective of Polish romantic philhellenes
Contested liberalisms and voluntary associations in the Age of Revolutions
What was so revolutionary about the Greek Revolution? Reinterpreting Greek diplomacy
Present and past through the eyes of Anton Prokesch (von Osten): An Austrian naval officer during the years of the Greek Revolution
Transformations of liberal philhellenism in mid-nineteenth century Greece: A diplomat takes a stance
Miloš Obrenović and the Greek Revolution revisited
Imperfect philhellenism and the incomplete revolution
The Ionians islanders between old and new empires at the dawn of the “century of revolutions”
The Greek War of Independence and the American philhellenism: The case of the Greek orphans
“Greek fever”: The Greek Revolution and the making of American philhellenism
Echoes of the Greek War of Independence in America: The Revolution of 1821 on stage
Russian philhellenism(s): From the Congress of Vienna to the Greek Revolution
Black revolution–White slavery: Haiti, Greek revolutionaries and the reception of philhellenism
Foreign volunteers and indigenous rebels: A colonial studies approach of the Spanish and the Greek Revolutions
Imperial and national liberation schemes: The case of the Peloponnese
Ottoman perceptions of philhellenism

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