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200 years of Greece, in our folk tradition



200 years of Greece, in our folk tradition


24 September 2021

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The Municipality of Tripoli, in the context of the bicentennial events making the Fall of Tripolitsa, presents the music and dance performance “200 years of Greece, in our folk tradition”, curated by Giannis Pavlopoulos. This is a show which covers the period from the pre-revolution to the formation of the Greek state in 1947 as a single event, which was achieved through the most important, strategically, battle of the Revolution, the Fall of Tripolitsa. This is not a historical journey but an Ode to Freedom that these specific people in this particular place, the soil of Tripolitsa, embodied 200 years ago. A journey with a vehicle the most important Judge: the memory of the people through song, as Giannis Pavlopoulos aptly notes. Musicians and singers, who have represented Greek culture in the most important parts of the world and the exceptional dances of the Municipality of Tripoli, proceed hand in hand in a family story of Freedom.

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