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I was a child in 1821



I was a child in 1821


19 June-3 July & 13 September-1 October 2021


The exhibition presents artworks by students of the school that represent the life, the preparation and the heroes of 1821, inspired by the information that they have received in their school education and the images they have studied from paintings and other artworks, creating a sense of pride and honour for their homeland. The students of the school created the paintings under the supervision of Athanasia Sklirou (curator of the Museum of Greek Children’s Art). During the exhibition, artworks by 38 renowned visual artists inspired by the theme will be presented. These works are donated by the visual artists to the gallery of the school in order to inspire the young students. The exhibition will also present archival material from the General State Archives related to the child during the pre-revolutionary and revolutionary period. Also on display will be handmade traditional costumes (genuine copies) of Thesprotia by the creator Panagiota Panou. Finally, will be exhibited original designs of Greek traditional costumes of Thesprotia by Gisis Papageorgiou from the Collection of the Hellenic American Union.

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